Course Map

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The course is the same as it has been for the last few years, taking in Newbold Comyn golf course and the lower section of Leamington town centre. The route is 10km and has been accurately measured. The surface is mostly flat on paved surface and some all-weather bridleway.

  • The course starts just off Newbold Terrace East, head East joining this road proper before turning left in to Fernhill Drive, turn right and keep right (poor surface) at the end to join the golf course.
  • The course now follows a loop anti-clockwise round the golf course, this is generally a good surface and shouldn’t give you any problems. The course heads generally uphill between kilometres 3 and 4, with some sections steeper than others.
  • After a completing a lap, there is a small overlap on the golf course before looping back to come past Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre and re-join Newbold Terrace East.
  • Continue down Newbold Terrace East, Newbold Terrace, followed by Dormer Place.
  • Adelaide Road is open to traffic, so the route uses the underpass next to the river to get under Adelaide Road.
  • Complete a clockwise lap of the Gardens. The route uses the same underpass next to the river to re-cross Adelaide road, but this time continue along the riverside path.
  • Cross the river via a footbridge and turn right to run past the pump rooms and in to Jephson gardens.
  • Run almost directly through Jephson gardens, turn right along Willes road, the finish is in the field just the other side of the river.